Although London is nowhere as cold as Oslo, today was definitely chilly. The annual family Christmas shopping took place this weekend, and so a compulsory walk around Camden Town was necessary this Sunday afternoon. We had our lunch at Lock 17 bar (I think it is called) - BBQ Burgers and Chips, mmm

Slouching in the sofa. I must have skipped the 'stand/sit up straight' lecture most people have in their childhood. Too busy shopping acid printed trousers and tops with comments like VIP (very important princess) on maybe?



These three rings I dug out from an old jewelry box at home. However, they are merely substitutes for what I really want. Thin silver, or maybe even gold (?) rings, one for each finger! 



Taking a quick break from uni work to post some pictures from yesterday, (sorry only brought my Iphone!) whilst listening to the brand new Skrillex remix of Levels, originally by Avicii - my definite favorite song. You really do not wanna know how many of the DJ's out here I have begged to play it and how over-the-top happy I get on the dance floor when they finally cave - now that it is officially released they seem less reluctant to play it.  I urge you to go check it out on Youtube asap if you haven't yet heard it!
This outfit is from the well deserved trip to the pub last night. I love the Christmassy homy feeling going on in there. I am wearing snakeprint trousers I got back in Norway a couple of months back, vintage belt, blouse and blazer and Acne coat. 
These two pictures somehow remind me of my 'how I met your mother' dream - to have my very own hangout in a pub somewhere... at least it is partly fulfilled, for now.