Having tea (hot chocolate in my case, always hot chocolate, it seems to be the only thing I drink) at the Vintage Emporiums Cafe. It is an absolute if you're ever around Liverpool Street Station, or wondering around Brick Lane. To be fair, the whole area is worth a visit if you ask me. My recommendation to you! This is the world of second hand and vintage lovers that are not necessarily looking for special designers, but an amazing selection of clothes (both good and not so good) at bargain prizes. Look out for signs of popup vintage markets! 
This was the first time I proudly got to parade around in my new knit jumper that my mother made me! Throughout the day she kept enthusiastically pointing out all the different types of knit, always letting me know that my one was much harder to make. Apparently I always find the hardest patterns, or maybe that was it: There was no pattern. Just Zoe's ol' imagination and vague description of what she wants.

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