It is with a heavy heart I write this post. The last days here in Oslo have been unbelievably hard. I agree with so many victims and our leaders when they say we have to go on. Our society will change in some ways, but not for the worse. Yesterday was an incredibly important day for me, walking along the streets of Oslo with 200.000 other people, holding roses high above our heads showed solidarity and strength.

At some point it is important to get back to our lives. To show an inhuman murderer that he will not brake us down. Here is my first step.

Last time something near this caliber happened in our country was during the second world war, and  someone quite different was wearing this dress.

This beautiful 1940´s (as you probably already understood) dress is from the Vintage Emporium, just of Brick Lane.

My heart goes out to the victims, families and friends of the people involved in the tragic terror attacks. We will continue to show the world that our people fight for democracy and strive to show love towards all people.



I guess it is about a month ago since I was approached by the streetstyle photographer for Oslo Nights, whilst on one of my walks around town. She introduced her self as Agneta and asked to take a few photos. If you wish view the whole article including a Q and A  here.



I seldom analyze what I am wearing since it is simply a result of my daily mood. However, when looking over these pictures I realize how the clothes my mother bought 30 years ago influence my way of dressing today. Here I am wearing a blouse inherited from my mother by Katharine Hamnett (it comes with an amazing jumpsuit), her old Gucci watch and a pair of second hand shorts from Rokit in Brick Lane. Oh, and the almost invincible bag is also a hand me down, again from my wonderful mother.



Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony boots. 

I was going to babble on about how summer ever getting to Norway is a big a gamble as me ever winning on the lottery tickets I buy way to often, but I won´t , at least not any more. 

The picture I really should have posted instead of these, is one my father insisted on taking of the two of us, me a head taller then him. The last couple of years he keeps telling me how I have grown, not realizing it might be the opposite (him shrinking) - In his defense these shoes do add inches! 



The previous week has been what summer is about for me. I have been on a weekend trip with good friends, roaming around in second hand stores searching for antiques, eating seafood at the sailboat lodge, drawing and taking pictures. Plus I have started a couple of projects that I promise to reveal soon!