I was overjoyed when I came across this bag at the Arkon Platz flea market in Berlin. "That bag was actually made as a satchel for young schoolgirls, maybe four years of age" the seller tells me with a heavy accent, "I assure you it has hardly ever been used, and that is quite astonishing indeed, it is about 40 years old - take a look". He knew what he talked about. The bag had no signs of being used at all. 

As I slipped it over my shoulder yesterday my mother commented on how it matched my shoes perfectly, "I never thought of that" she mumbled. " I did" I grinned back, "of course you did" she answered closing the door behind her. 



Yesterday I wore a nice mix of clothes. The top is a present from two of my best friends, the skirt is second hand from my mother, the trousers way old from Cheap Monday and the shoes custom. The rain is poring down right now, so I'm just going to grab an umbrella and head out to Oslo!



I just came home from a long weekend of 30 degrees Celsius in a great city. Although I have to confess that the heat did get to me, it was an incredible trip and only resulted in two new hats! I am absolutely intrigued with recent history and it was a great experience to visit the museums and historical places of Berlin. I only wish that the people of our world would learn from their mistakes and start treating each other with respect and love instead of repeating the mistakes again and again .

The T-shirt is from a local designer who's name that just slipped my mind, stay tuned for the update!



This is how I originally thought of wearing the adidas trousers I bought on ebay. I don't think it is neccecary for the whole leg to be visible in order to achive the effect I want.