M Y  S T R I N G  O F  T H O U G H T S  T H A T  E N D E D  U P  I N ... M Y  H U G E  R U B B E R  S H O E S .

The Prada shoes I absolutely loved. However, my hunger for platform/chunky shoes increased rather then decreased after the new addition to my wardrobe. The Prada shoes originally got me thinking of the sort of sport looking platforms I had when I was a kid. After that my thoughts quickly detoured to ice cream. From there it ventured into jumping castles (we always used to have great big summer parties when I was young where I would spend the whole day bouncing around) and then continuing to crab-fishing. (I live by the sea and still do fish crabs although I have mostly ventured to fish). Then I started thinking about fish, and how I really should have caught one the other day, I mean really! At this point I didn't even remember how the string had started, which I rarely do. From there the thought of creating the shoes myself somehow quickly got established. - Continuing with me paying a visit to my local cobbler and tada! Stranger things have happened.

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