Look closely. Can you spot the bicycle?


Spring has arrived – or so it seems. This weekend has been amazing weather wise, almost picturesque. The sun licking the ground, the birds singing and the flowers carefully appearing and showing of their colours.

I started the weekend of with a stroll in Oslo. Although the temperature is increasing, almost hitting 20 degrees Celsius, the inhabitants of Oslo look to be stuck in winter. After almost half a year of neutral colours, big down jackets, thick boots, mittens, scarfs and wool hats it is not far from indescribable to be able to dress for spring. Almost a relief.

Walking down Aker Brygge at 12 O'clock, (some call it Oslos navel, if not, it is at least one of the most famous places to go for a drink, day as night) all the outside tables full, people sipping on their third beer made me think about my fellow Norwegians. It might not be understandable for most people, but we have basicly been dressing in 12 layers of clothes for the previous six months. Now that the sun comes out it is like an unwritten rule to sit outside. That is as soon as the sun peaks out from behind the clouds and the temperature closes up on 15 degrees Celsius. It can almost be called a pre-spring ritual. Do you know what? It is one of my favorites.

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