My goal with this outfit was to see what rather small elements of colour can do to an otherwise bland an unexciting look. How I end up wearing what I do is often a mystery. As I got up this morning I decided it was about time for a treasure hunt. With that in mind I climbed two flights of stairs and ended up in my mothers room. There she keeps everything she doesn't use anymore. That is where I found the watch and earrings along with a good handful of other jewelery.

The bracelets are from Camden market and the trousers (jumpsuit) from One of a Kind in Notting Hill. The bag my father brought home from a business trip. However, it looked quite different then. I decided that the natural brown colour was a bit rustic for me and sprayed it bright green. When my father saw it he was all but over the moon about it... "That nice bag I bought you!.. You should at least have sprayed it Hermes-orange if any colour." I must have taught him something, Hermes-orange, come on!


  1. love the skirt and the sweater x

  2. Those are really lovely. Not too see through, just right. I've never worn lace pants, but you make me want to buy a pair.

  3. Thank you both for the comments!

    Snow Black: I had never worn lace pants before either, but it turned out to be quite fun!