On my first attempt at this shop I desperately staggered towards the door, drenched in water, or rain to be more specific, hoping for something (other than the weather) to light up my day. With my luck being, well non existing that day, the store was off course closed – go figure.

The next day I visited the small cozy boutique-like shop. The stock definitely did not disappoint. The clothes were in reasonable condition, and so was the price. There was one thing though: When I go vintage shopping it is nothing like any average shopping trip.

To me it is should be a cocktail of simple but hard-to-get ingredients. First of all clothes with potential, second (and of almost equal importance) a helpful and interesting shop personnel/owner who is more than pleased with sharing the clothes histories, coming with suggestions and telling stories about their time in the business. To me vintage hunting can resemble a trip to a museum rather than to the mall.

- Unfortunately the second ingredient missed from this adventure. (Although it might be because of the womens cross country skiig World Cup on the radio?) I did however end up with two pieces, they both need a bit of tlc, but will hopefully appear earlier rather than later.

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