I have always considered myself very lucky. My parents have mostly let me do my own thing. Since I was a young girl I have always dressed myself - with different results. There does exist pictures of what one might call bad colour combinations, all but neat hairdos, and baby blue and white platform sneakers. However, I do see a beauty. Like an uncut diamond childrens uniqueness shines through. Children are not driven by what others think, whats right, which colours go together or when to wear a summer dress, or thick winter pants. The results of a child getting dressed by its self can be unpractical, but more importantly it can be incredible inspiring - oh how fantastic it would be to get up every morning, put something on, just by intuition and be perfectly happy about it!

What I wanted to convey in this post is how greatful I am towards my mother. She is, without ever being ridiculous hung up in fashion, the main contributor to my interest in clothes and style. Now I clearly see that I appreciate her style hugely. More and more treasures make their way from her closet to mine, and become important and inspirational to me.

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