They all start with a DREAM. 
Beautiful or rough, short or tall, they all, at least once wished for someone to spend their lives with.


And so she started to prepare. Her hair not participating one bit - looking more like a troll awaking from a hundred years of sleep, then the princess she wished to resemble.

She fought her body and her thought. THE DRESS. Long or short? What would others think? She never again wanted to be tempted to do as other peoples minds though right. She preferred to forever be haunted by their whispers and howling looks.

That is the day she decided:
 I will never get married in white.

... and we all know: that when a dream is born, it never dies.




How can I not be with a satin blue fabric used as a scarf, Ruby Woo lipstick, a puffy black hat and dalmatian spots on my fingernails? An amazing compliment and an awesome jacket didn't make the day any worse. Ps. yes, the trench is Burberry, stolen from my fathers closet. Oh and I am wearing the same shoes as my favourite none existing book character Harry Hole. If you haven't read Jo Nesb√ł's books you have really missed out.




A quick shot of what I wore yesterday whilst investigating Grunerl√łkka's vintage shop Velouria Vintage. I was pleasantly surprised. Although I did not find any known brands (it has to be said that I didn't have the best of time) the clothes were in good condition and of great interest. The prices are acceptable and the shop nicely organized. I brought two items home, and as if that is not good enough, every fifth item you get for free.

A couple of the things I am wearing are new. The hat is a vintage purchase from Paris and the shorts Bus Stop, one of my vintage finds from One of a Kind.




" Portobello road, Portobello road
Street where the riches of ages are stowed.
Anything and everything a chap can unload
Is sold off the barrow in Portobello road.
You’ll find what you want in the Portobello road "

I must confess, the second picture is a 100 % tourist picture. Who has not seen the film Notting Hill? Well, in this photo I am standing in front of the actual Travel Bookshop. Unfortunately I has not allowed to take pictures inside, which I did respect. I did buy something, although not a travel book, I am really looking forward to dive into Mario Testino's "Any Objections?"

JUST WAIT. I am so excited. My shopping was absolutely fantastic. I had an amazing day with my father, and as he said " It was just a perfect day. We didn't have any expectations, and thus not the pressure. We popped by any shop that might be of interest: A baker, vine shop, western or vintage store. We found so many amazing things. I will post them eventually. And if I am in the mood, I might even post a mini Portebello Road guide.


2011 vs 1987

Same outfit, but 24 years apart. I have for a long time played with the thought of reusing some of my mothers clothes and updating them. I love the fact that they have a history and are form another time, combined with the fact that my mother wore them, and that they at the same time can be transferred into a more "modern" look a'la 2011.



TIMMY WOODS. I could say sorry for the picture overload, but I'm not. The detailing is amazing, and not surprisingly why I was drawn to it. The tiling on the chimney, delicate flowers, neatly painted windows with black and white shutters, and the colourful and wonderfully made brown and orange door: It is such a thought through piece. Also mentionable is the sign letting you know that this is "Chez Maison". 



I have always considered myself very lucky. My parents have mostly let me do my own thing. Since I was a young girl I have always dressed myself - with different results. There does exist pictures of what one might call bad colour combinations, all but neat hairdos, and baby blue and white platform sneakers. However, I do see a beauty. Like an uncut diamond childrens uniqueness shines through. Children are not driven by what others think, whats right, which colours go together or when to wear a summer dress, or thick winter pants. The results of a child getting dressed by its self can be unpractical, but more importantly it can be incredible inspiring - oh how fantastic it would be to get up every morning, put something on, just by intuition and be perfectly happy about it!

What I wanted to convey in this post is how greatful I am towards my mother. She is, without ever being ridiculous hung up in fashion, the main contributor to my interest in clothes and style. Now I clearly see that I appreciate her style hugely. More and more treasures make their way from her closet to mine, and become important and inspirational to me.