This outfit just happened. There was no plan, no specific pieces that needed to be included, and no vision of how I wanted to look. Every piece literally found it's way into my hands and thereafter on. The sheer flowery top is actually a skirt I bough on ebay, but is currently favored as a top/dress.

I love the way the different materials compliment each other. The leather jacket is a wardrobe favorite, (aaah the waist belt!) but not used as much as it probably should. However I do believe that I will be able to wear it for the rest of my life, so I am applying no pressure. The thights are incredible and from Acne, who else? So are the shoes. The jacket is last years find from Zara and the necklace form By Malene Birger.  

The temperature in Oslo is still so low that the word outfit should not be in any ones vocabulary, but I can't help it! Although I love the glittering snow and cold blue skies, milder weather will be greatly welcomed  sooner rather than later.

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