It is snowing like never before. If I didn't know better I would say that it seems like the sky has to much to do, and is throwing all the snow down here, to continue on it's journey.  When I woke up this morning everything, including my car, was covered in a thick layer of snow. Even though it took me several minutes to clear the snow of the car, I found it to be rather delightful. Everything is so peaceful in the morning. It's dark, almost no one is up yet, and the only light offered is the hazy reflection from the streetlights through the forest of snowcrystals.

Yesterday, whilst the snowing was taking an almost-break I ran outside to take some photos. I am wearing a vintage sequin top from Paris, thights from Hm, a skirt my lovely mother has passed on to me, Acne Pistol boots and a turban from Camden Market. My lipstick is Havanna from the Make Up Store and the necklace from Arts and Crafts.

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter as much as I. Today I spent over two hours sliding down a hill near my house. It was so liberating, you should try it!

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