Some people claim that the only inspiration they get is from within themselves. However, I find that to be strange, to say the least. I don't know the actual numbers, but our brain takes in more pictures, smells, colours, and sounds than we are capable to count. To say that none of these contribute to our creative sense I find to be an unprovable argument. Because everything we are, is results of our life; enviroment, family, friends, community, and often religion, political beliefs and so on.

It would be a lie to say that I am not inspired by people in the fashion industry. Nevertheless I don't copy them. The sole reason for that is that even though I think someones style is amazing, it can't be translated to me. Elin Kling is a great example. I admire her style greatly, however, it is much more minimalistic than mine, and even if I would try, I wouldn't manage to copy her style. The reason for that being that when I buy clothes my 6th sense takes over, and I couldn't and wouldn't try to overrun that. Ever.

I am not entirely sure where my inspiration comes from. I believe that I get it from anything and everything. Nature is definitely a great contributor, as are people in general, and old pictures, especially, from times with other trends. Lastly, pictures of my mother form the 80's are great sources of inspiration to me. To be able to wear the same clothes as she wore for 30 years ago, but in a totally different way is amazing to me.

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