One of a Kind is to me, what a big chest of treasures and gold would be for any pirate. Hang on, it is so much more! I have always dreamed about having a grand mother with style, and that I would inherit her wardrobe. In a sense One of a Kind has become my substitute grand mother, with one exception. Although Mike let me try on anything I wanted, and was only thrilled by me playing around, dreaming about owning only a few of the garments - that has to stay a dream. For now. One thing is certain, I will probably never have a collection close to what the shop has, however, spending time there gives me a temporary fulfillment. I have seen the pieces, tried them on, and even pretended to wear them in my fantasy life of clothes, vintage and style. And that is enough - for now.

The last dress you might recognize from a previous post, it is one of three pieces I have taken home from the amazing shop. A treasured birthday present.

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