Sirus is a star: The brightest stare on the night sky. This particular star is twice as bright as the next brightest star. It's name can be traced back to Ancient Greek and is translated into the word glowing. The star is easy recognizable not only by being the brightest star, but also because it is in a direct line from Orion's belt.

When I look up at the sky I can't help but to be drawn into a world of dreams - a place where everything is possible, and everyone is handed a fair chance to succeed. For just a second or two I can actually reach for the stars.


I find that I can walk down the same street oh-so-many times without noticing even a percentage of what I wish I would. The second time I walked down Camden Street (this Christmas) I felt inspired. My brain had noticed something, but I didn't know what. And it bugged me, to put it mildly. After a while I started shooting every sign, poster or building with the word "tattoo" on it. Then I realized that this might actually be the tattoo Mecca of London?

Then it struck me. How many people, buildings and other treasures have I missed simply by not being overly alert at all times? That is when I decided that my New Years resolution will be, the almost impossible quest of trying to take more in. I want to give myself the chance to not miss all the details that undoubtedly will inspire me and give me great joy.


I saw this piece in a shop quite some time ago and decided against it. I wish I hadn't. Although I wouldn't wear it as pictured I am sure it would be a great piece to play around with. Another piece from the A/W 2010 I fell in love with was the shape of a bra, and amazing. Although, I am afraid none of those two jewels will be in my possession any time soon, the Swedish designers S/S 2011 collection has some great designs (below).

Both pictures are taken from www.fannieschiavoni.com



There is a lot of talk about white on white outfits this spring and summer. However, when I got dressed yesterday, without SS2011 in my thoughts, all I wanted was to blend in. Instead of thinking of warmer weather, my goal was to dress WITH the season. With that said, white was the colour I chose in order to feel at one with nature yesterday.

My wardrobe consists of a lot of recycled clothes. My blouse, belt, watch and dress are from my mother, the coat vintage from Camden Town, and the bag a vintage birthday present from Flashdance.



Some people claim that the only inspiration they get is from within themselves. However, I find that to be strange, to say the least. I don't know the actual numbers, but our brain takes in more pictures, smells, colours, and sounds than we are capable to count. To say that none of these contribute to our creative sense I find to be an unprovable argument. Because everything we are, is results of our life; enviroment, family, friends, community, and often religion, political beliefs and so on.

It would be a lie to say that I am not inspired by people in the fashion industry. Nevertheless I don't copy them. The sole reason for that is that even though I think someones style is amazing, it can't be translated to me. Elin Kling is a great example. I admire her style greatly, however, it is much more minimalistic than mine, and even if I would try, I wouldn't manage to copy her style. The reason for that being that when I buy clothes my 6th sense takes over, and I couldn't and wouldn't try to overrun that. Ever.

I am not entirely sure where my inspiration comes from. I believe that I get it from anything and everything. Nature is definitely a great contributor, as are people in general, and old pictures, especially, from times with other trends. Lastly, pictures of my mother form the 80's are great sources of inspiration to me. To be able to wear the same clothes as she wore for 30 years ago, but in a totally different way is amazing to me.



Spring keeps challenging winter with weak results. When these pictures were taken I could actually hear the snow melting, slowly but determined, calling the rain to enhance the process. After a few minutes of quiet, only interrupted by the occasional drop of snow falling from the tired trees, or birds leaving their nests for food, the rain again took up the challenge. Only this time, it almost got the overhand, and small balls of ice hurriedly fell from the sky - competing to reach the grown first.

The woods seems to be deserted at this time of year. The only evidence of any activity in this tiny forrest was a few dug up holes - probably by badgers.



One of a Kind is to me, what a big chest of treasures and gold would be for any pirate. Hang on, it is so much more! I have always dreamed about having a grand mother with style, and that I would inherit her wardrobe. In a sense One of a Kind has become my substitute grand mother, with one exception. Although Mike let me try on anything I wanted, and was only thrilled by me playing around, dreaming about owning only a few of the garments - that has to stay a dream. For now. One thing is certain, I will probably never have a collection close to what the shop has, however, spending time there gives me a temporary fulfillment. I have seen the pieces, tried them on, and even pretended to wear them in my fantasy life of clothes, vintage and style. And that is enough - for now.

The last dress you might recognize from a previous post, it is one of three pieces I have taken home from the amazing shop. A treasured birthday present.



Today I got one of the nicest compliments in a long time. I was out with my mother, buying my birthday present when we stopped by Mint Condition. The lady that works there is always overly kind and helpful. " I always look at what you wear. You wear something different and unique every time ... like the time you wore the 1980s red leather suit!"


There is a saying that comes to mind when looking at these photos. "Better late then never." Our midnight attempt as we entered 2011 was very simple: to spell it out. However, after a bit of discussing, it seems like we got it the wrong way. Luckily the new year is full of new chances, ideas and inspiration and I am really looking forward to what this year will bring.

PS. If you look closely, some of the pride of Norwegian design is in these photos. My dress ( the girl with the zero) is by Fam Irvoll, I got it for Christmas a year ago, and the suit of the "number two" is by Moods of Norway.