Although London is nowhere as cold as Oslo, today was definitely chilly. The annual family Christmas shopping took place this weekend, and so a compulsory walk around Camden Town was necessary this Sunday afternoon. We had our lunch at Lock 17 bar (I think it is called) - BBQ Burgers and Chips, mmm

Slouching in the sofa. I must have skipped the 'stand/sit up straight' lecture most people have in their childhood. Too busy shopping acid printed trousers and tops with comments like VIP (very important princess) on maybe?



These three rings I dug out from an old jewelry box at home. However, they are merely substitutes for what I really want. Thin silver, or maybe even gold (?) rings, one for each finger! 



Taking a quick break from uni work to post some pictures from yesterday, (sorry only brought my Iphone!) whilst listening to the brand new Skrillex remix of Levels, originally by Avicii - my definite favorite song. You really do not wanna know how many of the DJ's out here I have begged to play it and how over-the-top happy I get on the dance floor when they finally cave - now that it is officially released they seem less reluctant to play it.  I urge you to go check it out on Youtube asap if you haven't yet heard it!
This outfit is from the well deserved trip to the pub last night. I love the Christmassy homy feeling going on in there. I am wearing snakeprint trousers I got back in Norway a couple of months back, vintage belt, blouse and blazer and Acne coat. 
These two pictures somehow remind me of my 'how I met your mother' dream - to have my very own hangout in a pub somewhere... at least it is partly fulfilled, for now. 



Having tea (hot chocolate in my case, always hot chocolate, it seems to be the only thing I drink) at the Vintage Emporiums Cafe. It is an absolute if you're ever around Liverpool Street Station, or wondering around Brick Lane. To be fair, the whole area is worth a visit if you ask me. My recommendation to you! This is the world of second hand and vintage lovers that are not necessarily looking for special designers, but an amazing selection of clothes (both good and not so good) at bargain prizes. Look out for signs of popup vintage markets! 
This was the first time I proudly got to parade around in my new knit jumper that my mother made me! Throughout the day she kept enthusiastically pointing out all the different types of knit, always letting me know that my one was much harder to make. Apparently I always find the hardest patterns, or maybe that was it: There was no pattern. Just Zoe's ol' imagination and vague description of what she wants.



Out on a farewell dinner. In just two short weeks I am moving London. My feelings at the moment are a cocktail of the absolute terrifying sort, with a twist of rising excitement.  Anyway, enough about that. We decided that for this particular occasion my favorite restaurant Vila Paradiso would be perfect! It really is fantastic.

Shoes//Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Skirt// By Malene Birger skirt. Jumper//Weekday(mens). Jacket//passed down fro my mother. Necklace//two silver chains put together. Ring// inherited. Bag//Louis Vuitton. 



One amazing summer day of sun in a week full of rain. After meeting up with my boyfriend we decided to take it easy, hang around my house and, well bathe in the delightful sun and drink coke. After a quick discussion swimming in the sea was crossed of our list of very-busy-day-schedule.

A successful day of drawing, eating hotdogs, admiring flowers, painting my nails and well enjoying the company of the people I love the most.



The past weekend I have spent up at the mountains. Living in Norway has somewhat made me immune to the beauty of our nature. The last days it all came back to me. I can definitely say that I enjoy and appreciate what nature has to offer.  Blueberries, raspberries, fishing, hiking and beautiful mountainsides draped with astonishing waterfalls violently pushing thousands of liters into the river every day. 

I should probably mention, as it might confuse, that what I am wearing in the first picture is hardly ideal for long fishing trips. Our serious fishing day was Saturday and I will assure you that I was covered in rain clothes as the pouring rain made us look more like drowning cats than anything else.



The two pictures below are both from my second trip to United Bakeries this week. The jam is delicious, I literarily ate it out of the cup, yum! And the hot chocolate, clever, huh?
Out on a walk in my Isabel Marant sneakers. The background for this particular purchase was my need for a pair of comfortable walking shoes now that I am heading to London for uni. A somewhat sensible person might dismiss my arguments supporting the comfort of the shoes the minute they discover they have a built in wedge heel. The beauty, if one would ask me, is that the heel is unnoticeable which in my book equals awesome! But I guess it might not in your book, so in the lack of better words: Shut it.



Sooo, as you have probably understood -  I caved. Which means that I bought the Isabel Marant dress. I figured it can double as a day as well as a boogie-all-night dress, or something of the sort anyway! 

Dress Isabel Marant, Coat Acne, Bag and earrings second hand from my mother.  



Out and about on a lovely Saturday. A second trip to a local shop, and I once again tried to convince myself that the flannel dress by Isabel Marant is perfect for Autumn. At this point the only thing of interest is to see how long I can fight it of. Before I again come to my senses - and cave.

I know I look more than a little uncomfortable on the Skateboard - and that is quite right.  But how cool is it, really? Brilliant!

Denim shirt - Lee.Vintage shorts - One of a Kind (Notting Hill). T-shirt and socks - HM. Hat- Asos. Shoes- Converse. Jewelry - inherited from my mother and grand-mother.