With certainty, a more precise, but less, welcoming name for this post could have been Camden Town part One. Because, as any person who knows me could tell you, I love Camden Town. I know that there are critics who proclaim that Camden had so much more soul before, in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and for all I know they might be right. However, the Camden I know is an over the average tourist magnet, unfortuntatly, but only on days with more or less perfect weather. (As perfect as you can wish for in London anyway). What is an advantage when it comes to Camden Town is that it is far enough out from the center of London not to attract to many of the class one tourists - they seem to mostly hang around Oxford Street, and by all means please continue.

What I like about Camden Town is the mood. Each time I step out of the underground station it hits me: a creative, different and exciting feeling that tells me I will experience something new, maybe find something old? Like a vintage hat or belt?

Once you have entered the market all the different smells of exotic food hits you. Just when you have taken your first breath of Indian or Chinees food, ten forks are shoved in your face: "A taste, miss?"

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