Twice a year I bring this dress out from my closet. In Norwegian we call it a bunad. It is our national costume. However, it can be a bit confusing because there are lots of different versions. It comes down to where you are from. Since my mothers family originally comes form Vest-Telemark this gown is the Vest-Telemark bunad. I may also proudly add that it is my mother who has done all the embroidering. It took her two years of hard work and I could not be prouder to wear it. The other time I bring it out is for 17th of May, Norway's independance day.  I will try to take some more detailed photos soon.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas, and I wish you all the best in the new year.



And London continues, as promised. I have so much to show you right now, it is actually making me crazy. Every year Christmas seems to manage to sneak up on me, and each time I am as surprised when it comes along. So, it is fair to say that all the Christmas shopping is long from done. I have been extremely lucky this December, and managed to visit both London and Paris. However, the trips, combined with work has somehow left you less prioritized. And I am truly sorry about that. If I could only work with this it would be a dream come true.



Some photos from the other day. The vintage skirt and bag I got in London. The temperatures are dropping at home so it will be fantastic, to say the least, to be going to Paris today. I have never been there before, but I do have some high expectations. I have always thought that Paris has a special atmosphere. Oh, and all the Christmas windows I am looking forward to seeing. So please Paris, do not disappoint me. 



With certainty, a more precise, but less, welcoming name for this post could have been Camden Town part One. Because, as any person who knows me could tell you, I love Camden Town. I know that there are critics who proclaim that Camden had so much more soul before, in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and for all I know they might be right. However, the Camden I know is an over the average tourist magnet, unfortuntatly, but only on days with more or less perfect weather. (As perfect as you can wish for in London anyway). What is an advantage when it comes to Camden Town is that it is far enough out from the center of London not to attract to many of the class one tourists - they seem to mostly hang around Oxford Street, and by all means please continue.

What I like about Camden Town is the mood. Each time I step out of the underground station it hits me: a creative, different and exciting feeling that tells me I will experience something new, maybe find something old? Like a vintage hat or belt?

Once you have entered the market all the different smells of exotic food hits you. Just when you have taken your first breath of Indian or Chinees food, ten forks are shoved in your face: "A taste, miss?"



I often find myself on the edge of horrendous discussions when people mention the word style. My entering statement in such a discussion is often "what is your definition of style?" It seems, as with a whole bunch of other important or non-important issues our definitions, or lack of definitions, or even lack of being patient enough to listen to the other party, before pulling their head of, keeps getting people into trouble. I, for instance, as mentioned, react when people use the word style. Often in a negative way. This does not mean that I wouldn't be thrilled if someone told me just that: " Zoe, you have great style". The question that then occurs (after the blushing smile has disappear from my face, that is) is: "How would you describe the word style ?"

I on one hand have numerous of synonyms for the word style: individuality, proud, unique, daring, you (as in being yourself) and different. By this I don't mean that you have to wear your sweater on your feet, and your skirt as a hat, I simply mean that there has to be something about you. a quirkiness, an attitude, something that makes you stand out.

If the person giving me the compliment would answer my question (How do you define style?) as a person closely following the latest trends, or in other words: a trend slave, a person that is always wearing the newest, hottest garments - just of the catwalk, in the exact same way, my smile would fade faster than the Caribbean sunset. Of course you have people, a few, that wear the newest design of the catwalk, and rock it like no one else: Anna Dello Russo for instance. But don't even try saying she doesn't give the outfits individuality and quirkiness.

I wanted to share this photo with you (taken in Camden Town, London) because it to me represents individual style. Not only of the people in the picture, but as much the place. Since Camden Market opened in 1971 (arts shops to begin with) it has been a sanctuary for individual style, that has blossomed through the last decades.



LONDON IS CALLING. Here are a few shots from last night. I am literary sitting in my suitcase trying to figure out what to put in it. Unfortunately my mother is running the show when it comes to shoes because of my Louboutin accident last weekend. My feet are still recovering from the frostbite, one week later, and I am quite sure that I have learned my lesson. Do not wear Louboutin pumps, or any other, in minus 20 degrees Celsius with wind, which makes it minus 30 degrees, the doctor informed me - your feet will suffer. And you with them.

Update: Our plane is canceled, but we managed to book a new one, 3 hours, THREE HOURS earlier. Got to go. See you there!



Source: pamelalovenyc.com

Even though vintage is my heartstone ringt now I have to say that the Pamela Love Talon Cuff would hang all so elegantly on my wrist, promise! If I only had 1250 dollars to spare...