This is, as you can see, the outfit I was talking about the other day. I absolutely love taking photos in this type of terraine. I know a lot of bloggers take their photos in the city, which I don't mind either. However, it is something special about the wild nature that I can't resist. Although it looks, and is beautiful, there and then, it was/felt anything but delightfull. My toes are still suffering from mild frostbite. So I truly hope you enjoy the photos, not only of the outfit but of the amazing Norwegian winter nature.

I am wearing a cimono/dressinggown that belongs to my father, the jumpsuit I have inhereted from my mother, the shoes are by Louboutin, belt Zara, watch Gucci, also inhereted from my mother, the rings are from Hm, Accesorize, Camden Market and Arts and Crafts, and the earrings are made by me.

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