What I wear quite naturally varies on how I feel (more than the weather, unfortunately). Lately I have been a big fan of one coloured outfits, I haven't posted any of them here, but wait, I will. Today, I felt like, well this. The outfits I am most comfortable in are usually the ones that just happen. This was what happened with this outfit. Under the coat I am wearing my boyfriends cashmere sweater with it the spotted trousers (actually a jumpsuit, worn as a top here), together with a simple white and yellow gold bracelet and a gold ring with a brown stone. However, when I was about to leave the house the simplicity of the outfit somehow vanished with the leopard trench coat. The headscarf you have seen before, and is in one of my favorite colours right now (together with mustard) and adds the perfect amount of ummpf to the outfit. The bag I bought many years ago in a little town in Majorca. I have never used it before, and honestly I thought I never would. Well, I too can be wrong. I chose it because I like the way it picks up the colour of the scarf.

As you can se on the pictures most of the snow has disappeared, which is not good news a month from Christmas, however, I can hardly say it is unusual. I am crossing my fingers and wishing on a falling star that some snow might fall my way in the near future.

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