First of all to get that out of the way, I am not over the moon about the shoes, and I know that a lot of you aren't either. However, I live in Norway, and this particular weekend I have spent in the mountains and believe it or not, but when the degrees are 20 below, I somehow find myself prioritizing the survival of my toes before the shoes. Previous to this look I also took pictures of another outfit, and to put it in a pleasant way both my toes and my precious Louboutin shoes were fed up and simply decided to put their foot down.

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to share with you how this stunning dress ended up in my possession. As plenty others I have had my eyes on the Lavin X Hm collection from the day the first photos were released. I am hardly the first one to say it, but I absolutely adore the collection, the colours, tulle, jewelry! Wow. My heart fell hard for two of the dresses. The one above, and the one-shoulder yellow-mustard dress. I am sure you know which one I am referring to. I decided on this dress and not the other one because tulle has been on my mind for the last months. I have tried to get hold of a tulle skirt all over Oslo, but no can do, so I decided that this was my time to shine in tulle. I will definitively rock this dress in numerous other ways.

Tuesday morning at 08 o'clock the collection was released in Norway. I was at work, so I had given the important quest to my mother. When she the evening before told me she had a meeting I ran in shock to my boyfriend. Any suggestions? I simply had to have the dress! He to had work, and I left his house mildly depressed. I had just put my foot inside the door back home when my glorious boyfriend called me up, his mother had volunteered to buy the dress online for me. Everything was ok. If only for a second... Tuesday came and hm.com was impossible to enter. My boyfriends mother called her daughter, who called her friend, who happened to be standing in one of the ques outside hm. And do you know what, she bought it for me. To say that I was over the moon ( I seem to have an obsession with the moon) would absolutely not be exaggeration. I found myself screaming into the phone in a scale so loud that I believe only dogs could hear. If that isn't a Lavin Cinderella story, I don't know what is.

Do you know what? My toes are still trying to regain the heat they lost over 8 hours ago, but I'm not complaining, I got the dress, and for those 15 minutes I truly felt like a Lavin princesse.

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