Gray snake sweater by Stine Goya, Lita shoes, blue jumper by Uniqlo, Stine Goya hat, knit jumper by Unique for Topshop, WoodWood coat, Minimarket shoes, driftwood trousers by Stine Goya, Nelli skirt by Acne, Track shoes by Acne, Marbella shoes by Carin Wester, Saskia Diez bag.

Ok, I know this is more than just a few wishes, and unfortunately I only have one of these items in my possession; the Marbella shoes. Yes, I had to cave to the urge that was building up inside me! The blue cashmere jumper has a wonderful electric blue colour and is perfect to brighten up an autumn outfit as well as keeping me warm. Stine Goyas western inspired hat I wouldn't mind either. One thing that is for sure is that I am not the only one with my eyes on the newly released Track boots by Acne, subtle enough, but yet a gorgeous finishing touch to any outfit. The Paper bag I first set my eyes on the other day and it is perfect: different and unique, yet simple.

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