This is, as you can see, the outfit I was talking about the other day. I absolutely love taking photos in this type of terraine. I know a lot of bloggers take their photos in the city, which I don't mind either. However, it is something special about the wild nature that I can't resist. Although it looks, and is beautiful, there and then, it was/felt anything but delightfull. My toes are still suffering from mild frostbite. So I truly hope you enjoy the photos, not only of the outfit but of the amazing Norwegian winter nature.

I am wearing a cimono/dressinggown that belongs to my father, the jumpsuit I have inhereted from my mother, the shoes are by Louboutin, belt Zara, watch Gucci, also inhereted from my mother, the rings are from Hm, Accesorize, Camden Market and Arts and Crafts, and the earrings are made by me.



These pieces are all from 1stdibs.com, and oh how wonderful my life would be if I wake up tomorrow and one, or several of these extraordinary vintage items hang in my closet. What I want right now is a unique one of a kind coat, just like the gold one above (or what about the blue one, delicious!), hats and turbans, wide belts and wrist bags. (Can I call them that?) Both pairs of shoes are incredible in each their way. The Maison Margiela shoes are subtle, but have the perfect edge, yes I am talking about the toes. And the 70's platform shoes are extreme and cool at the same time.



First of all to get that out of the way, I am not over the moon about the shoes, and I know that a lot of you aren't either. However, I live in Norway, and this particular weekend I have spent in the mountains and believe it or not, but when the degrees are 20 below, I somehow find myself prioritizing the survival of my toes before the shoes. Previous to this look I also took pictures of another outfit, and to put it in a pleasant way both my toes and my precious Louboutin shoes were fed up and simply decided to put their foot down.

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to share with you how this stunning dress ended up in my possession. As plenty others I have had my eyes on the Lavin X Hm collection from the day the first photos were released. I am hardly the first one to say it, but I absolutely adore the collection, the colours, tulle, jewelry! Wow. My heart fell hard for two of the dresses. The one above, and the one-shoulder yellow-mustard dress. I am sure you know which one I am referring to. I decided on this dress and not the other one because tulle has been on my mind for the last months. I have tried to get hold of a tulle skirt all over Oslo, but no can do, so I decided that this was my time to shine in tulle. I will definitively rock this dress in numerous other ways.

Tuesday morning at 08 o'clock the collection was released in Norway. I was at work, so I had given the important quest to my mother. When she the evening before told me she had a meeting I ran in shock to my boyfriend. Any suggestions? I simply had to have the dress! He to had work, and I left his house mildly depressed. I had just put my foot inside the door back home when my glorious boyfriend called me up, his mother had volunteered to buy the dress online for me. Everything was ok. If only for a second... Tuesday came and hm.com was impossible to enter. My boyfriends mother called her daughter, who called her friend, who happened to be standing in one of the ques outside hm. And do you know what, she bought it for me. To say that I was over the moon ( I seem to have an obsession with the moon) would absolutely not be exaggeration. I found myself screaming into the phone in a scale so loud that I believe only dogs could hear. If that isn't a Lavin Cinderella story, I don't know what is.

Do you know what? My toes are still trying to regain the heat they lost over 8 hours ago, but I'm not complaining, I got the dress, and for those 15 minutes I truly felt like a Lavin princesse.



What I wear quite naturally varies on how I feel (more than the weather, unfortunately). Lately I have been a big fan of one coloured outfits, I haven't posted any of them here, but wait, I will. Today, I felt like, well this. The outfits I am most comfortable in are usually the ones that just happen. This was what happened with this outfit. Under the coat I am wearing my boyfriends cashmere sweater with it the spotted trousers (actually a jumpsuit, worn as a top here), together with a simple white and yellow gold bracelet and a gold ring with a brown stone. However, when I was about to leave the house the simplicity of the outfit somehow vanished with the leopard trench coat. The headscarf you have seen before, and is in one of my favorite colours right now (together with mustard) and adds the perfect amount of ummpf to the outfit. The bag I bought many years ago in a little town in Majorca. I have never used it before, and honestly I thought I never would. Well, I too can be wrong. I chose it because I like the way it picks up the colour of the scarf.

As you can se on the pictures most of the snow has disappeared, which is not good news a month from Christmas, however, I can hardly say it is unusual. I am crossing my fingers and wishing on a falling star that some snow might fall my way in the near future.




WOW, I am speechless. This dress is unbelievable. I could literary sit and watch it for hours. Instead of a chandelier in my future house I want this stunning dress hanging form my ceiling.



This is what I wore yesterday. I find that when I'm not at my most inspired, simplicity works more to my favour than to try to work something I'm just not comfortable in. I decided to go for a simple, yet classic look, with a long silhouette and straight lines. I love the contrast between my pale skin and the dark lipstick,  black dress and hat. (I apologize for the labels on the jacket showing on two of the pictures, I have to learn to check those things out beforehand)

The dress if from Cubus, the belt and jacket from Zara, the hat from Henrik Vibskov and the earrings made by me. The lipstick is the colour Havanna form Makeupstore and the nailpolish from Cubus.



Here is what I bought last weekend at the Henrik Vibskov store in Oslo. The hat is signed the designer himself and FANTASTIC. I wore my Acne platforms the day I bought this, with both the hat and boots I got the feeling of what it might be touching 2 meters in height. However, I don't mind stretching towards the sky either because of my shoes or hats.


Source: Dorothea's Closet

This beauty just caught my eye, unfortunatly I was to late and some other lucky lady will soon have this amazing 1920's gown im her posession. Wow! Thinking about all the different ways one could wear this dress makes my vintage addicted mouth water. You could wear it with black underwear; simple, but yet fantastic, or with an underdress in any colour, or just layer it with other colourfull pieces. . . ahh if I would only have been a bit faster. It is an amazing example of 1920's craftmannship.



These are some pictures from last weekend. I am wearing a secondhand jacket, a body form Topshop, bra from La Sensa, a very old belt (I have no idea what-so-ever where it might be from), scarf from somewhere, the boots are my mothers, and the trouser from Elton & Jacobsen (I am quite happy about that buy. These are actually the prototype that the designers showed around to stores, trying to sell them). My watch was a birthday gift from my parents, I inherited it from my mother, which makes it very special. The larger bracelet is from Brighton and the smaller one a gift from Dubai. Last but not least by necklase is of god Nefertiti, bought in Egypt.



This is what I wore today. I might have been visible on the previous post, I noticed my reflection in the mirror. I am wearing a mixture of clothes; my trousers and my top (actually a jumpsuit) are both bought at a flea market, the sequin jacket is from HM, and the shoes and jacket from Acne. The ring I inherited from my grandmother. The jacket has been hanging in by closet since the summer holiday. Even though we have several Acne shops in Oslo I had to visit the newly opened store on 13 Dover Street, and, well, I left with a great big bag with this jacket in it.


I met this inspiring man earlier today whilst visiting the Henrik Vibskov shop in Oslo.  I love how he literary brightened up the shop. There are just to few people who dear to play with bright colours, at least now that we have entered the darker half of the year. He bought the wonderful hat he is wearing, and not just that, he complimented me on what I was trying on.. and I ended up buying it. I will show you later.



Who knew playing with an old TV and a bowl of popcorn could be so much fun? Out to play with me are my Acne Atacoma boots, my 5th Avenue Shoe Repair hat and my one of a kind scarf by Buskvadum. Although it might not be so visible on the photos there was so much popcorn! I am afraid quite a bit went to waist. However, it was yesterdays leftovers and not as tasty as one might think.


The first picture I took one weekend while walking in the mountain. The rain was pouring down, I was wet to the bone, but still I could not ignore the amazing colours and had to stop and take a picture. I immediately wanted to make something in the two colours, and here is the result, one scarf, and one combined scarf and hood.