This is how I left the house today. Although I received some funny looks from neighbours and others along the jurney I truly felt like a fairytale princess. Believe it or not, the skirt is actually a dress, or more specificly my  prom dress from four years ago. The headband is from the Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll, and I absolutely love it, it is so much fun!
T-shirt Juicy, shoes Chineese laundry and headband Fam Irvoll



It is strange how we get inspiration and think the most akward things are beautiful. This rusty moped caught my attention at once. I must admit I wanted to take it home with me, however, some things are more beautiful just where they are, and I believe this was just one of thoes things.
Hm cardigan, second hand skirt, converse shoes and Miss Sixty sunglasses


Oh no, a mail from Carin Wester has been awaiting me. I have been drooling over these shoes for too long, waiting for them to "arrive on the market". However, after a splurge at Acne the other week I am afraid these shoes (right) might only be a figure of my imagination in the near future.



Out for a walk in Vigelands park in Oslo. Most people seem to have autumn on the bottom of their season list. My question is: how can you not love autumn when mother nature throws you such an amazing show of colours? It looks so beautiful! It makes me feel alive. If you ask me, four totally different seasons is one of natures greatest gifts. There are so many incredible things about it. First of all there are many activities for the different seasons, second of all the scenary is breathtaking. One of the things about the seasons I most appreciate is the feeling they give me, they contribute to making time go. I promise to take more photos of the statues and nature next time i visit this park.
Zara coat, second hand dress, Acne thights, converse shoes and Gucci watch.


These sunglasses are from Flashdance a vintage store owned by Miss Harmonica a norwegian artist. I visited the store for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. Flashdance is a highend vintage store, however, the prizes are not that bad. Every garment is carefully picked out, and as they say in a good state for 20 to 30 year old treasures.

I have for long been under the impression that round faces and round glasses are not a good combination, however these two pairs of sunglasses might just have proven me wrong. 
Moschino vintage sunglasses, and black sunglasses, both from Flashdance.